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Tea Pots

Green (altered) Teapot
Scherzer Red (altered) Teapot
Brown Teapot
Green and white Teapot
Tea set 1
Tea Set 2
Blue (altered) Teapot
Ornate Green Teapot
wood you like some tea 1
wood you like some tea 2

Serving Bowls

Bowl LG Blue-1
Bowl LG Blue-2
Bowl Med Green-1
Bowl Med Green-2
Scherzer Red Bowl
Scherzer Red Bowl


Bowl 1
Bowl blue green drip
Bowl green blue white
Bowl blue white
Bowl red blue
Bowl 2
Bowl 3
Celadon Tea Bowls

Mugs, Cups, Tea Bowls

Mug 4
Mug 2
Mug 3
Mug 5
Mug 6
Teacup 1
Teacup 2
Teacup 3
Mug 1
Mug green white
Tea Bowl set 2
Mug Blue white
Mug Blue green
Tea Bowl set 1
Mug Blue blacktop
Mug bwn drip


Creamer Gold blue
Creamer green blue
Creamer blue green
Creamer bwn blue green
Creamer green white
Creamer celadon


sugar jar 1
sugar jar 2
sugar jar blackblue
sugar jar blue
sugar jar bluegreen
sugar jar Greenbrown

Tea Sets

Set bwn blue green
Set Green white

Vases and Pitchers

Vase 1
Vase 2
Pitcher bwn-4
Pitcher bwn-1
Vase 3
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