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    Time is a never-ending force, in-passionate and inevitable. As it passes, we are left with only the memories of what once was, and the subtle signs of what is soon to change. As days, weeks, months and years make their march forward, the natural world around us changes with evidence of decomposition and degradation. Every scar acts as a manifestation of this inevitable evolutionary process, becoming beautiful in its own right. These signs of change surround us. Life and death will pass and we are left feeling vulnerable. It is this tenuous ephemeral existence that I explore, and how the knowledge or lack there of impacts the world and lives around us.

    A love for nature was instilled in me at a very young age. I saw for my self how the intersection between humans and the natural world could have great consequences. By using the human figure and textures inspired by the world around me, I explore our fragile nuanced web of interconnectedness. I use subtle markings to evoke this sense of fragility and a long rich history of life. My figures depict a variety of ages, sexes and ethnicities representing the vastness and richness of humanity. We are all unique and we are all the same. One decision can impact all of us for better or for worse.

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